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Statistical information maintained by City of Helsinki can be viewed in various databases. Some of the most relevant ones include:

Helsinki Regional database

Helsinki Regional database contains area-based statistical time series concerning Helsinki. It also contains information on the Espoo and Vantaa statistical areas as well as the Helsinki region and Uusimaa. The database can be used only in Finnish.

Helsinki Region Infoshare service

The Helsinki Region Infoshare service is a joint open data service of the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The service provides information concerning the cities of the Helsinki metropolitan area and the entire region, free of charge and for use by anyone.

Nordstat database

The Nordstat database contains information on large Scandinavian cities and their urban areas.

Library collection database

The database contains information on publications in the City of Helsinki Urban Research and Statistics Library and in the reference library of the City Archives. The collection database allows you to search for publications based on, amongst others, the subject area, the author or the year of publication. The database also contains direct links to City of Helsinki Urban Facts publications which have been published in an electronic format. The collection database is only available in Finnish.

Information service related to Helsinki statistics

Experts of City of Helsinki Urban Research and Statistics Unit also provide information services related to Helsinki statistics. Short information requests can be sent electronically via the City of Helsinki electronic feedback system.

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