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Research projects

Research projects

The City of Helsinki’s statistical and research programme steers the City’s statistical and research activities as well as the development of these activities. The goal of the activities is to ensure that Helsinki will remain a city informed of its operating environment and trends, able to control its development.

The City governance and development rely on dependable statistical data as well as in-depth and analytical research. Dependable and easy-to-use data improves decision-making and interaction between the City and citizens.

The focal areas of the statistical and research activities are defined on the basis of the City’s strategic goals. Statistical data and research are used to produce a multidimensional picture that presents the status and development of the city and supports new strategic choices. These pages outline the projects implemented during the programme term 2016–2018.

Statistical and research projects are divided thematically into six categories. These categories are:

  • Population
  • Immigration
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Economy and competitiveness
  • Housing, city structure and environment
  • Urban culture and participation

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