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Thematic websites

This page lists the web content produced and managed by the Urban Research and Statistics Unit either by itself or together with other City of Helsinki divisions.

Helsinki quarterly

"Kvartti" is a quarterly journal providing current research findings, comparative urban knowledge and statistical information about Helsinki and the Helsinki Region. The purpose of the journal is both to support decision-making and planning in Helsinki as well as to serve anyone interested in urban phenomena.

Elderly in Helsinki

Helsinki is home to more than 100,000 people aged 65 and over. This web publication contains statistical data on their lives, family relations, education levels, incomes, pensions, health, housing, participation, use of services and perceived happiness. The content is currently available in Finnish only. 

Employment and Enterprises in Helsinki

A functional job market and dynamic enterprises enable Helsinki to prosper and will support the wellbeing of Helsinki residents in the years to come. Economic and employment trends can be monitored reliably only with dependable data. This web publication contains up-to-date statistical data on the workforce, jobs, enterprises, commuting and the markets for office and other business space in Helsinki. The publication provides the most recent information on the topics, and the information content keeps expanding. The content is currently available in Finnish only.

Population with foreign background in Helsinki

Helsinki has approximately 90,000 foreign-born residents. This web publication contains statistical information on their demographic structure, immigration patterns, housing, education levels, employment and livelihoods. An abridged version of the Finnish publication is available in English.

Helsinki safety survey

The survey examines the experiences and views of Helsinki residents regarding the safety of the city and their residential area and the development of the perceived safety.

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