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Citizen initiatives

In accordance with the Local Government Act, Helsinki residents can take initiatives related to the operations of the City of Helsinki. The easiest way to do so is by using the (citizen initiative) online service. Initiatives should comply with the instructions specified by the service. 

The taker of an initiative is notified of the actions resulting from the initiative. At least once a year, the City Council is informed of such initiatives taken by residents that relate to the Council’s scope of responsibilities and the actions resulting from these initiatives.

If no less than 2 percent of Helsinki residents eligible to vote take an initiative on an issue that falls under the Council’s scope of responsibilities, the Council shall deal with it within 6 months of the introduction of the issue.

Initiatives can also be submitted directly to the City Register Office. The document should be:

  • clearly marked with the word “aloite” (initiative),
  • be accompanied by the contact information of the taker of the initiative, and
  • be accompanied by the address of the taker of the initiative, in order that his/her municipality of residence can be verified.

A referendum initiative, that is, an initiative on the organization of a referendum, can be made by no less than 5 percent of the residents of the municipality eligible to vote. In case of such an initiative, the City Council shall decide without delay whether the proposed referendum should be carried out.

City councillors are entitled to take initiatives on common City-related issues. The Council deals with councillor initiatives four times in a calendar year. These initiatives can be found on the City Council pages.

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