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Participation and Interaction Model

The foundation of Helsinki's participation model is the knowledge and know-how of the citizens. We want to consciously build a better Helsinki together.

Helsinki invites city residents and its partners to join the development of the city, its services and areas. Our City is a place of community, influential deeds and encounters. Helsinki enables spontaneous activities of citizens. A positive city experience is also conveyed through a good service culture and interactive communications. The decision-making is open and participatory.

The principles of participation in Helsinki have been established in the administrative regulations, which means that they apply to the operations of the entire City organisation.

The principles of participation are:

  • utilisation of the know-how and expertise of individuals and communities
  • enabling of spontaneous activities
  • creation of equal opportunities for participation

The Participation Model in practice

The City residents will perceive the new participation model as an increasing range of opportunities to participate and influence. Participatory budgeting will be allocated EUR 4.4 million annually. The spending of this money will be voted upon, based on proposals made by the residents. The voting age limit is 12.

A local worker, a "city coach", will be assigned for each housing area. The coach helps the residents with promoting initiatives and development proposals. Business coaches work in the areas as promoters of business activities. City premises will be more widely opened for resident and community activities and the booking of the premises will be made easier.

Helsinki will have a new model for volunteer activities created, though which the volunteering opportunities can be found easily from one place. Digital participation channels are developed. The transparency of City operations is improved through the use of open data. The realisation of the participation is monitored in all divisions and it will be regularly reported to the committees.

Take a closer look at the different parts of the participation model: Participation model proposition (in Finnish).

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