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Oodi 60 000 järvelle / The Ode to the 60,000 Lakes

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Mannerheimintie 50, Hotel Crowne Plaza Helsinki
00260 Helsinki

© Visual Artists Association , Artist Kimmo Kaivanto , Published 1972

In the 1960's, Kimmo Kaivanto's works comprised paintings and sculptures based on natural observations. Many works were kinetic, using abstract elements to fool the eye into sensing movement and space. Yet scenic elements were also present. 'The Ode to the 60,000 lakes' is one of Kaivanto's scenic works. The structure of the steel sculpture and the horizontal bars are references to perspective and to distance scales, while light reflects from the crossbars and the revolving oval plates attached to them as from the surface of water. The work is 10 metres high.

The work doesn't belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

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