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Food Safety

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Viikinkaari 2a
00790 Helsinki

Postal address:
Food Safety, P.O. Box 58235, 00099 City of Helsinki

Telephone: +358 9 310 14000

Opening hours:
Information on food
tel 09 310 14000 Mon - Fre 9.00 am.- 11 am, Restaurants, shops, food, quality of household water report any suspected cases of food poisoning or tel. 09 310 14000

The food safety unit is responsible for the monitoring, guidance, and expert operations in accordance with the Food Act (Elintarvikelaki, no. 23 of 2006), for processing the notices and applications in accordance with the Food Act, and for studying cases of food poisoning and control at the point of entry, in accordance with the agreement with Finnish Food Authority.

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Operated by:
Urban Environment Division, Services and permits


The route to the main entrance

  • The 2 accessible parking spaces are located outdoors under 10 m from the entrance. The width of the parking spaces is at least 3.6 m.
  • The pick-up and drop-off area is located in the vicinity of the entrance, giving easy access to the pavement.
  • The route to the entrance is smooth and sufficiently wide and illuminated.

The main entrance

  • The entrance is located in a recess and is illuminated.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door is heavy or otherwise hard to open.

In the facility

  • The customer service point is on the same floor as the entrance.
  • The customer service point has directions to the different facilities.
  • The doors in the customer service point stand out clearly.
  • The customer service point has an accessible toilet on the same floor.

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