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Voting in quarantine or isolation

If you have been ordered into quarantine due to coronavirus exposure or infection, you will still be able to vote in the municipal elections of June 2021.

Voting on election day Sunday 13 June

If you are in quarantine or isolation on election day, the central election committee will, where possible, provide opportunities for voting outdoors only at the location specified in the polling card for your voting area.

Please call the number on the polling card (09 310 13344) in advance for
instructions. The line may be congested and you may need to wait for your turn.

Voting at an outdoor polling station

Under quarantine or isolation, you can cast an advance vote on the election day at an outdoor polling station if

  • you can get to the polling station and back without contact with other people
    • you can maintain a distance of at least two metres from other people when outdoors
    • you do not access an indoor space at the same time as other people (stairway, for example)
    • you cannot use public transpor
  • you do not have symptoms
  • you wear a face mask
  • you ensure good hand hygiene.

Please remember that you cannot queue with other voters.

Under quarantine or isolation, you cannot vote indoors in advance or on election day. If you cannot get to an outdoor polling station, you can register for a home vote (see instructions at the end).

Determine your municipal election candidate’s number in advance, to ensure that the actual voting takes as little time as possible.

Please be sure to exercise your right to vote!

10.06.2021 12:25