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The County Elections 2022 are not held in Helsinki

The first County Elections will be conducted on Sunday 23 January 2022. The people of Helsinki do not vote in the County Elections, as the City of Helsinki is not part of the new wellbeing services counties, which will be established as a result. In Helsinki, the decisions concerning social welfare, health care and rescue services are made by the City Council.

The County Elections are therefore not conducted in Helsinki and the people of Helsinki are not entitled to vote in the County Elections in January 2022.

People from other municipalities who are entitled to vote may do so in advance in Helsinki

City of Helsinki’s advance polling stations in the County Elections 2022

In the City of Helsinki, there will be no voting on election day or voting at home in the County Elections 2022. Voting at institutions will be arranged for those who are entitled to vote and live or receive treatment at the City of Helsinki’s hospitals, penal institutions or social welfare units offering round-the-clock care and are not inhabitants of Helsinki.

Schedule for the County Elections

The election day of the first County Elections is Sunday 23 January 2022. The important dates of the County Elections are the following:

  • Compilation of the voting register data (in which wellbeing services county each voter is entitled to vote): 3 December 2021
  • Advance voting in Finland: From 12 to 18 January 2022

More information about the County Elections is available on the Ministry of Justice’s website.

Contact details for the City of Helsinki central municipal election board

Office of the central municipal election board
Kaisaniemenkatu 3 B 16, 3rd floor, 00100 Helsinki

Tel. 09 310 13344
e-mail kesvlk(at)

You can make enquiries concerning the County Elections to the office of the central municipal election board.

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