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Enrolment at school

Please enrol the child at the local school if:

  • you apply for permission for your child to start school a year earlier or a year later than statutory
  • your child’s admission to school has been postponed by a year
  • your child has been granted permission for extended compulsory education at age 6
  • you seek extended compulsory education
  • special needs education has been recommended for the child in pre-primary education
  • you wish to switch the Swedish-language local school stated in the compulsory education note to a Finnish-language local school, or vice versa.

Please note that enrolment is carried out electronically also when you enrol by visiting the local school. Make sure to bring electronic identification credentials (such as online banking credentials) and the compulsory education note with you. Your child’s local school is stated in the compulsory education note posted to you in January 2021.

You can enrol by visiting the school on Wednesday 20 January 2021 at 8−10 am or at 5−7 pm.

Schools will provide you with the necessary forms and can help you with any questions you may have.

16.12.2020 16:57