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Starting school a year later or a year earlier

Parents or guardians can apply for their child to start school a year earlier or a year later. Applications must be submitted well in advance, so that the decisions can be made before the child's comprehensive education starts.

Starting school a year later

A guardian of the child may apply for permission to start comprehensive school a year later than that which is statutory. The decision is based on a psychological and, if necessary, a medical report. The area manager makes the decision concerning postponement of the start of comprehensive education.

If the start of school is postponed, the child goes to pre-primary education (preschool), organised by daycare centres. After receiving the decision on postponement of the start of comprehensive education, the guardian may apply for a preschool place in a daycare centre by submitting an application to the daycare centre manager. For more information, ask your local daycare centre.

Starting school a year earlier

A child is entitled to start comprehensive education one year earlier than what is statutory, if the child has the prerequisites to manage the studies based on psychological and, if necessary, medical reports. The guardian must acquire and pay for the required expert statement.

The decision on starting comprehensive education one year earlier is made by the area manager for comprehensive education. Further information is provided by the local school.

You can check your local school by entering your home address or postal code on the Service Map.


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