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Online enrolment

Enrol to 1st grade online

Information about your child’s local school is available in the compulsory education note and will be available online on Asti at for the period 5–30 January 2022. Logging in is required to access this information. Compulsory education notes will be sent out via the service starting from 5 January 2022. If the child’s guardian has enabled Messages for the child, their compulsory education note will be sent electronically. If this has not been enabled, the note will be posted to the child’s home address by mid-January.

How to enrol online on Asti

Logging in

Open an internet browser on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Go to
  • Choose your preferred language in the top right corner
  • Click on the e-Identification button
  • Identify on e-identification with your preferred method of identification
  • Click Continue
  • Check your personal information and click Continue to Service

Enrolling to comprehensive school

  1. Under your child’s information you will see a school enrolment announcement when the enrolment period is open. Click Proceed to enrolment
  2. Choose the assigned local school and click Continue
  3. Choose the primary and secondary A1 language choices and click Continue *).
    Preview the application and check that all information is correct.
  4. Click Send application
*) Some schools offer language-enriched education in English. If you choose language-enriched education, please note that in some schools the A1 language is automatically English and this option cannot be changed. However, some schools that
offer language-enriched education offer A1 language studies in other languages too.

How to enrol online on Asti (PDF)

Applying to weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and basic education in English

Apply to weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education and basic education in English by filling in and submitting the online registration form: Enrolment in Grade 1 aptitude test  The registration will be open during 5−30 January 2022.

If a child applies to weighted-curriculum education, bilingual education or basic education in English, the guardian does not need to go to the Asti online service to enrol.

If you are unable to register by using the online form, you can also fill in the PDF application, print it and return it to the school option number one by the end of the registration period.

The child can apply to up to five different schools and study options. You should place the options in the order of your child's preference in the application form. When making the admission decisions, we will process the applicant's options in the order indicated by the guardian, and if the child gets a place in the first option, the other options on the application form will not be processed. The choices are binding after the registration period, and if the child is selected for the study programme, the guardian commits to accept the place in the offered study programme.

Learn more about weighted-curriculum education on the weighted-curriculum education webpage. Find out more about the different options of basic education in English and bilingual education on the Basic education in different languages website.

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