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After-school activities

Application period for after-school activities in 2022-2023 is on 21 March–22 April 2022.

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Basic education after-school activities (sometimes called afternoon activities) are organised for first grades and second graders, and for special needs pupils from 3rd to 9th grade at schools, playgrounds or at other suitable locations near the schools. Activities are organised by the city, associations, parishes and private service providers. Children in after-school activities get a snack and they are insured.

Pupils in 1st grade and special needs education are given priority in allocating the places.

Service description

How to apply for school year 2022-2023

  1. The application period for after-school activities is 21 March–22 April 2022. The application period opens 21 March at 8:00 and closes 22 April at 23:59. If you are applying outside the application period, please see section 7.
  2. Submit the application online. The invoice will be addressed to the guardian whose online banking credentials are used for identification and filling in the application form.
  3. Fill in the application form carefully. If there is any required information missing, you will not be able to submit the application.
  4. To submit the application, you are asked to identify with online banking credentials, Mobile ID or an ID card with a chip. Identification will be your online signature on the application.
  5. You can download, save or print the completed application form. You can also take a screenshot of the view. Please note that you will not receive an email confirmation. 

    Fill in and submit the online application form in the link below:
    Online application for after-school activities.

    If you are unable to use the online application,

    A printed paper application can be posted to the Education Division at: Education Division, After-school activities, PO Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki. You can also deliver your application to our letterbox at Töysänkatu 2 D, 00510 Helsinki. 
    The paper application form for school year 2022-2023 (pdf)

  6. The decisions will be posted to guardians by 1 July 2022.
  7. Applications sent outside the application period will be processed from August onwards. The Education Division will contact you if your child can get a place.
  8. If you wish to cancel a place that you applied for in the spring, let us know in writing by 10 August 2022.
  9. After-school activities start on the first day of the school year and continue until the end of the school year.

After-school activity applications for spring term 2022

If you wish to apply for a place for your child in the basic education after-school activities for the spring term 2022,

you can send a paper application form to:
Education Division, After-school activities, PO box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki. You can also deliver it to the letterbox in front of our offices at Töysänkatu 2 D, 00510 Helsinki.

A paper application form for basic education after-school activities in the school year (spring term) 2021-2022, PDF

Applications that are submitted during the school year will be put on file. We will contact you in case any places become available.

Cancelling a place in after-school activities

If you wish to cancel a place, fill in the PDF form below (Termination of participation in after-school activities) and save it on your device. Send the PDF form as an attachment via the Secure Mail service to

Termination of participation in after-school activities, PDF

How to use Secure Mail:

  1. Go to to send a secure email
  2. Add your email address in the Lähettäjä (Sender) field and click Jatka (Continue).
  3. On the next page, click Tunnistaudu (Identification) to proceed to verify your identity with online banking credentials, Mobile ID or ID card with a chip.  After you have verified your identity successfully, you will reach the page Uusi viesti (New message).
  4. In the Vastaanottaja (Recipient) field, type in the email address
  5. Type in a subject for the message in the Aihe (Subject) field. For example. 'Cancelling a place in after-school activities'. Write a short cover note in the Viesti (Message) field, for example, "I would like to cancel my child's place in the after-school activities". Remember to include your name in the message.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Valitse tiedostot (Choose files) to attach the application form file from your device.
  7. Attach the application form file by clicking Liitä (Attach).
  8. Send the application by clicking Lähetä (Send).

You can also post your application to us at Education Division, After-school activities, PO Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki.

The notice period is one calendar month. For example, if you cancel a place on 6 October, the cancellation takes effect on 1 December and in this case the customer fee will be charged for October and November. 

Application forms 

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