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Frequently asked questions

1. When will be notified if my child has been admitted to after-school activities? Can I get status updates?
We do not provide status updates during the placement process. Guardians receive decisions on their child's placement no later than one month before the beginning of the school year.

2. Do we need to queue for a place in the after-school activities?
There is no queueing system for the after-school activities. Vacancies are filled in accordance with the admission principles, that is, 1st graders and pupils with special needs have the priority.

3. Does my child have better chances to get a place if I apply with more than one application to all locations in our district?
Applying with multiple applications does not guarantee a place. It only causes extra work and slows down the application process. One signed application will do.

4. Can I apply after the application period has ended? What if my child doesn’t need the placement before January? How should I apply?
You can apply for placement after the application period. Application forms are available at the school or on online. The completed form should be posted to the Education Division, After-school activities, P.O. Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki. You will be notified if your child is admitted.

If your child needs a place in January, send the application to the Education Division and state the date when your child needs placement in the additional information section. Contact the local coordinator about vacancies closer to the time of the requested admission start date.

5. Why was my child placed at a different location than the one we requested?
There were more applications than places available in your group. Reasons for the placement are stated in the decision letter.

6. My child was denied admission. Can I apply again in the autumn?
There is no need to re-apply. The Education Division will contact the guardian if there is a vacancy.

7. What is the difference between cancellation and termination of placement?
For decisions made in the summer, a cancellation must be made in writing before the beginning of the school year. The note of cancellation should be sent to the Education Division, After-school activities, P.O. Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki. If the decision on placement has been made after the end of the application period, cancellation should be made within 2 weeks of the date of receiving the decision. After this, a placement is terminated, and the notice period for termination is one calendar month.

8. How to terminate placement during the school year?
Please fill in the Termination of participation in afternoon activities form, which you can find on the Forms web page. Send the form as an attachment via secure email. See instructions for using secure email here. You can also post the form to us at Education Division, After-school activities, PO Box 51300, 00999 City of Helsinki. Notice period for terminating a placement is one calendar month. For example, if a child’s placement is terminated on 6 October, termination takes effect on 1 December. In this case, fees are charged for October and November.

9. Can I change my child’s group after I have received the decision on placement or during the school year?
In general, a child’s after-school activity group cannot be changed. The guardian can terminate the placement and reapply for a new place. The termination must be confirmed in writing at least one calendar month before the change takes place (see question 8). Placement into a new group cannot be guaranteed. If the child receives a place in a new group, the guardian may have to pay double customer fees for the termination period.

10. Can I change the activity period?
Guardians should discuss any changes to the activity periods with the service providers directly.

11. How can I apply for reduced fees?
You can apply for reduced fees after you have received your first invoice. Reduced fees are calculated based on the family members’ total income. Client fees and instructions for applying reductions are listed on the Client charges for after-school activities web page under Application form and instructions. Reductions are applied annually for each school year.

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