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After basic education

After comprehensive school, you should apply for vocational studies or general upper secondary education.

Upper secondary schools are applied to via the service during the joint application period every spring.

You can apply to vocational institutions throughout the year. The joint application period is intended for those who are about to complete comprehensive school or the matriculation examination and those who have not completed an upper secondary level qualification. Everyone else may apply in the continuous application process.

You can also look for study options in different languages.

More information on training and applying is available in the service. Any further education opportunities are discussed with student counsellors and teachers in grades 7 and 9.

Preparatory education for upper secondary qualification (TUVA)

If a young person with an immigrant background does not have sufficient language skills to move on to upper secondary level education as of yet or they need to specify their study plans , they may apply for preparatory training for upper secondary education (TUVA).


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22.06.2022 09:52