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School social worker and school psychologist

Every comprehensive school of the City of Helsinki and some private schools employ a school social worker and a school psychologist of the City. They aim to support the wellbeing, positive development, learning and schoolwork of pupils together with the other school staff. The work may focus on an individual pupil or a group of pupils.

The school social worker is a trained social services specialist. The school social worker can be contacted when a child or adolescent is facing problems with school or peers, or when changes in their life affect the schoolwork.

The school psychologist helps pupils with learning difficulties, attention issues, emotional problems and personal crises. The school psychologist provides guidance and consultation and carries out psychological evaluations, when necessary.

The pupil’s affairs are always handled confidentially in a manner agreed with the pupil and their parents.

The contact information of the school social workers and the school psychologists can be found on school webpages.

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