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Extended compulsory education

A child is entitled to extended compulsory education if they will not be able to achieve the prescribed goals of education in nine years because of a severe disability or illness.

A child entitled to extended compulsory education is also approved for special support. Both of these decisions are made the District Manager for early education and care.

The decision on extended compulsory education is usually made before compulsory education begins, meaning before the child is 6 years old. The child’s guardians decide whether the child enters preschool at age 5, meaning a year before compulsory education begins (application from the guardians, in Finnish).

Preschool education may last 1–2 years, and it is organised in a daycare centre. The child will enter school when they start 1st grade. When necessary, the child may start school a year later

Further information is provided by the local daycare centre and the itinerant special needs day care teacher.

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