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Bilingual education

According to the national curriculum, Finnish-language comprehensive education is primarily provided in Finnish. However, it is possible to provide teaching partially in another language, which is called bilingual education.

The objective of bilingual education is to help pupils achieve fluent language skills in the primary language of instruction (Finnish) and another language. Bilingual learning also develops problem-solving skills, flexible thinking and adaptation to new situations.

The content and subject-specific objectives of bilingual education are the same as in monolingual education.

The development of the pupils’ language skills in different languages is supported at school and in co-operation with guardians. It is important that guardians encourage pupils to use and practise all languages they know. Guardians do not need to know the language used in bilingual education.

The methods used in bilingual education are language immersion, extensive bilingual education and limited bilingual education called language-enriched education. Extensive bilingual education is applied for through aptitude tests.

06.12.2019 17:09