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Language immersion

Language immersion classes in Swedish are available for pupils in Finnish-language comprehensive education.

In Helsinki, language immersion begins in early childhood education when children are 4 or 5 years old, and it lasts until the end of comprehensive education. Language immersion classes are intended for children who do not have the immersion language as their first language.

The language immersion school is determined depending on in which daycare centre the child has begun language immersion. Only children who have started language immersion in a daycare centre may enter the language immersion classes.

In language immersion classes, instruction is provided both in Swedish and in Finnish. The development of both language skills is supported, and the objective is that the pupils have strong skills in both languages at the end of the comprehensive education. Language immersion education follows the content and objectives of the national curriculum.

During language immersion in early childhood education, children are taught exclusively in Swedish. In comprehensive education, at least 50% of the lessons are taught in Swedish. The aim is to teach all subjects both in Swedish and Finnish during comprehensive education, but not in both languages simultaneously. In grades 1 and 2, reading and writing are learned exclusively in Swedish.

Language immersion starting in the 1st grade is offered at the following schools:

Upper secondary schools (grades 7-9)

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