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Daycare place allocation and acceptance

Daycare place allocation

All those who have submitted the application electronically have a personal client folder at

The daycare decision and information about the daycare location will be submitted to the client folder.

If the application has been submitted in paper format, the decision will be sent to the family approximately one month prior to the need of daycare.

Daycare starting in August will be notified in June.

Whenever possible, a daycare place is allocated based on the family’s first choice. If there are no free places at the daycare locations chosen by the family, the daycare centre head or family daycare coordinator will discuss alternative options with the family before making the decision.

When the number of applicants to a specific daycare location exceeds the number of free places, the following grounds affect the allocation of a daycare place:

  • sibling relations
  • child-specific special reasons
  • means of communication
  • other family-specific reasons

If the family is dissatisfied with the daycare location allocated to the child, the parents can seek a transfer to another daycare location by notifying the daycare decision maker or to the head of the daycare location being applied for.

Daycare place acceptance

The daycare fee is charged from the start date of care as indicated in the daycare decision. If the family does not accept the allocated daycare place, they should inform it as soon as possible, but no later than within two weeks from receiving the decision.

If the family does not accept the allocated daycare place, they need to reapply for it when needed. The four-month arrangement period starts when the new application has been submitted or a request for updating the old application has been made.

The daycare decision expires after one week if the family does not bring the child to daycare according to the decision, or agree on something else with regard to the use of the daycare place. Half of one month’s care fee will be charged for a non-cancelled daycare place.


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