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Use of daycare across municipal borders

The family’s municipality of residence is responsible for organising a place in early education when the place has been applied for no later than four months before the need for early education begins.

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen have agreed that they will organise early education when the family of a child attending early education moves to another municipality participating in the agreement. Starting from 1 August 2018, early childhood education can be organised in the former municipality of residence until the end of the autumn (31 December) or spring (30 July) period following the move up to the start of pre-primary education. The family shall receive a new, fixed-term decision regarding early education.

When moving, please note that non-chargeable early education provided for five-year-old children for four hours a day, starting in Helsinki in autumn 2018, only applies to children whose place of residence is Helsinki and who attend early education in Helsinki.

If the child is attending early education in his or her former municipality of residence before the 1st of August 2018, the child’s early education may continue until the start of pre-primary education based on an earlier agreement.

11.12.2020 17:42