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Daycare place transfer

A daycare place transfer request should be notified to the head of the current or requested daycare location. A new application will not be made for the transfer. The service related to transferring the child is the responsibility of the head of the requested location.

The same allocation grounds will apply to transfer requests as to new applicants.

The previous daycare decision that the family has received stays in force until school begins and a transfer will be notified to the family with a placement notification.

Evening and around-the-clock daycare is only provided to children whose parent/parents is/are employed regularly in shift work or regularly participating in an evening study programme. If both parents live together with the child/children, this requirement applies to both parents. 

The child's required care hours for the coming week should be notified to the day care unit in question during the previous week. If the majority of the child's care hours fall within normal working hours, the grounds for the provision of evening and around-the-clock care do not exist.

When the need for round-the-clock care ends or decreases or when the allocated daycare place is not used to the agreed extent, the child in question is moved to a non-round-the-clock daycare unit and, if required, temporary daycare is offered at a daycare centre, which provides evening and round-the-clock daycare.


11.12.2020 16:59