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Familiarisation with daycare

The daycare location of your child will provide more information on familiarising the child with the location and starting daycare. The personnel in charge of the child’s care and upbringing and the child’s parents will agree on a familiarisation period that will last, depending on the child’s age and needs, approximately one or two weeks.

The child will come to see the daycare together with his/her parents. At home, you can all think back on how it was at the daycare location, what the names of other children and adults were, what kinds of toys there were, etc. This way, the daycare place will become a familiar and safe place for the whole family. Then, the child can start staying in the daycare location without a parent and the care time can be prolonged gradually.

A start-up discussion will be held with the personnel where the parents can share the individual characteristics, preferences and nature of the child and ask about practical matters regarding the daycare location. You should always ask, if there is something troubling you about daycare.

During holidays in summertime and around Christmas, the daycare personnel may be on holiday and it may well be that the child’s own care and upbringing personnel will not be there to meet the child during familiarisation. This too should be discussed when agreeing on the familiarisation period.

11.12.2020 17:09