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The focus of child daycare is to provide a safe care environment that supports each child's development. The parents are responsible for their child's health care. All of the children's matters are handled in confidence.

Health care

If necessary, child health clinic employees are invited to daycare centres to present topical themes to families and daycare staff. The regular examinations of the child health clinics are conducted in cooperation with the parents and daycare staff.

If necessary, the health care staff will, with the parents' permission, participate in negotiations concerning the arrangement of care and support measures for the child.

Daily hygiene

At the daycare centre, hands are washed with soap and water when coming indoors, before meals and after sneezing or coughing.

If the health care staff recommends the use of hand sanitiser during an epidemic, the alcohol-free hand sanitiser provided by the city's Procurement Centre will be used to disinfect the children's hands at the daycare centre. It is not recommended to use any substance as a spray due to its larger spread and risk of inhalation.

Children's dental care

Tooth cavities are prevented at the daycare centre as follows:

  • regular meals
  • avoidance of sugar
  • no constant snacking
  • xylitol drops are provided to the children after lunch

At home, the children's teeth should be brushed twice a day.

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