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Daycare suspension and termination

Daycare suspension

When the child’s daycare has continued for one semester (approx. 4 months), the parents can temporarily suspend daycare. The suspension must be agreed in advance with the head of the daycare location, and the suspension must continue for at least four months. In such cases, a child under the age of 3 is entitled to home care allowance and a child under school age is entitled to the sibling increase of the basic amount.

If the family decides to continue the suspension, it must be notified to the daycare location so that four months remain for returning to daycare from making the notification. No daycare fee is charged for the duration of the suspension. If the suspension ends after September, the family will not have a charge-free July the following summer.

The continuity of the child’s care relationship will be ensured within realms of possibility so that the child can return to the same daycare centre after the suspension and, if possible, also to the same family daycare group.

You do not need to fill in a new daycare application. If a suspension lasts over two years, the care relationship ends and, when needed, a daycare place must be reapplied for.

Daycare termination

The parents should notify the termination of the care relationship to the child’s care location as soon as possible and no later than one month prior to its end so that the placement of the following child can be notified to the family one month prior to the need for care.


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