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Early Childhood Education in North Sami

Daycare Susanna in the West Pasila district has a North Sami-language group for children aged 1–5. Early childhood education in North Sami is based on the Sami values of language, family, community, strong identity, nature, traditional livelihoods, equality and humanity, multiculturalism, peace and peace-making.

The aim of the North Sami-language early childhood education is to teach a child to become an independent, responsible and social individual, and to support the development of a child's linguistic skills.

How to apply to Early Childhood Education in North Sami

  • Apply to early childhood education in North Sami by submitting an application for early childhood education on Asti
  • Choose the Daycare Susanna as your preferred daycare centre.
  • Type in the additional information field that the child is applying to the North Sami-language group.
  • All children are welcome and no previous knowledge of the North Sami language is required.

01.10.2021 17:50