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Support in early childhood education

Supporting childhood development is one of the main purposes of early education. The nature and scope of the support is adapted to the individual needs of each child.

In certain situations, the support measures require authoritative decisions and special pedagogical expertise.

Support measures can include

  • Changing the ratio of care and education staff and children.
  • Appointing a special day care instructor to a group containing children with special needs.
  • Creating integrated or regular special groups.
  • Placing a special needs assistant in a group.

Special group

A special group is a day care centre group for six to eight children who need special support to an extent that cannot be provided through the day care centre's other support measures.

Integrated special group

An integrated special group is a day care centre group for a total of 12 children, five of which are children with special needs. Children whose systematic support requires more extensive expertise in special education than is inherently present in regular day care activities are placed in the group.

Special and integrated special groups in daycare centres


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