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Family daycare

Family daycare is one form of early childhood education, and its a popular choice for toddlers and preschoolers. In family daycare the child receives individual care in a small, home-like group environment. Children learn skills and tasks in everyday life with a designated family daycare instructor. Children in family daycare follow the same national curriculum of early childhood education as do children in daycare centres.

Learn more: Family daycare brochure (in Finnish) 

Care, learning and pedagogics are guaranteed by a designated family daycare instructor, who is a safe adult for the children and a reliable expert in early childhood education for the guardians. The entire neighbourhood is used as a learning environment, so children get to know Helsinki and its services such as playgrounds and outdoor areas. The course of days can be modified flexibly according to the children's ideas and the carer’s expertise. Each family daycare group has a “twin daycare centre”, which is a local daycare centre that works in close collaboration with the family daycare group. This way all children have a familiar place for care at all times.

The working hours of the family daycare instructor depend on the children’s need for care, but usually the total length of daily service is 8-9 hours. The family daycare instructor and the guardians agree on the child’s daily care hours before family daycare begins.

The different forms of family daycare are

In all forms of family daycare, the size of a group is four children. In addition, one child who is in pre-primary education or basic education can be included in the group for after-school care.

Fees for family daycare are determined on the same bases as the early childhood education fees for daycare centres. You can estimate your fees with the early childhood education fee calculator.

Apply to family daycare by submitting an application to early childhood education on Asti.

How to apply to early childhood education

The content and structure of family daycare in Helsinki are regulated by the City of Helsinki Early Education and Care plan. Every child in early childhood education will be drawn up a personal early childhood education plan together with the guardians.

For more information on your local family daycare services, contact family daycare coordinator of your area. Find the contact details for the family daycare coordinator of your area on the family daycare areas page.

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Apply on Asti

Apply to early childhood education, including family daycare on the Asti online service.

Service guidance for early childhood education

Need help with applying? Got questions about your child's early childhood education place? Get in touch with the Service guidance.

Education Division

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Private family daycare

Family daycare is also available as a private service. Ask about your local private family daycare providers from the municipal family daycare supervisor of your district.