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Family daycare

Family daycare consists of daycare of children under school age in small groups in a home-like environment. Family daycare focuses on basic care, and it is characterized by play and a leisurely atmosphere.

Family daycare is early education and care organized at the care provider's home, at the child’s home or at a special group family daycare centre.

The hours of the care provider in family daycare are defined by the hours of care required by the children. The total length of daily service is usually 8-9 hours. The hours of daily care for a child are defined before family daycare begins.

Size of the child group

In all forms of family daycare the size of the child group is four.
Furthermore, children in pre-school age or a pupil can be placed in the group for the afternoon.

The different forms of family daycare are

  • family daycare that takes place at the care provider's home
  • group family daycare
  • three-family daycare.

Fees for family daycare are determined on the same bases as the fees for daycare centres. Applications to family daycare and to daycare centres are made with the same form.

The content and structure of daycare in Helsinki are regulated by the City of Helsinki Early Education and Care plan. Every child's early education and care is regulated by a personal plan prepared with his/her parents.

More information on local family daycare services is provided by the district supervisor of family daycare.

You can find the district supervisors at the family daycare areas websites.

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Private family daycare

More information on local private family daycare providers is available from the municipal family day care supervisor of the family daycare district.