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Family daycare in the care provider's home

A family daycare provider is a municipal employee who cares for children in his or her home. The size of one daycare group is four children under school age. In addition, one child who is in pre-primary education or basic education can be included in the group for after-school care.

Each child’s care schedule is agreed according to the guardians’ working hours, study schedules or other commitments. A family daycare provider usually works 8 to 9 hours daily and approximately 40 hours a week.

In case of the family daycare instructor's absence, a substitute care will be arranged for the child. The substitute daycare placement is determined at the outset of the care, and an introduction to the substitute location can be arranged where possible. Substitute care takes place at a group family daycare, daycare centre or in an other family daycare instructor's group.

Supervisor of a family daycare instructor is the family daycare coordinator of the area. The coordinator will provide more information on family daycare and care placements. Find your local family daycare coordinator's contact details on the family daycare areas page.

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