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Three-family daycare

A municipal three-family daycare instructor can arrange family daycare in the families’ homes. A three-family daycare group is formed of children from one to four families.

Daycare group in three-family daycare

One group can have four children under school age. In addition, child in pre-primary education age who needs part-time care can be included in the group. The care circle can have up to four families, and the early childhood education usually takes place at a different family’s home each week. Three-family daycare requires flexibility and teamwork skills from the guardians.

Children in three-family daycare are insured during the care hours. The municipal insurance does not cover liability damage to any items.

Applying for three-family daycare

Applications for three-family daycare should be submitted on Asti no later than four months before the beginning of the service.Ask for more information on three-family daycare from the family daycare coordinator of your area. Find the contact details of your local family daycare coordinator on the family daycare areas page.

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Apply on Asti

Appy for early childhood education, including the three-family daycare on Asti

Service guidance for early childhood education

Need help with applying? Got questions about your child's early childhood education place? Get in touch with the Service guidance.