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Home care allowance and Helsinki supplement

Child home care allowance can be applied for by families who have a child under the age of 3 being taken care of at home. It is not possible to receive child home care allowance if a child is in municipal early childhood education. 

Child home care allowance and Helsinki supplement are applied from Kela.

The child home care allowance consists of

  • care allowance
  • income-related care supplement
  • municipal Helsinki supplement

Please note! The Helsinki supplement of child home care allowance will change from 1 June 2021 onwards. Read more about the change on the client notice PDF below: 

Child home care allowance until 31 May 2021:

Child home care allowance Care allowance Care supplement* Helsinki
in total
When a family has a child under 18 months of age 338.34 EUR 0–181.07 EUR 264 EUR 602-34–784.41  EUR
When a family has a child aged 18 months  338.34  EUR 0–181.07 EUR 218.64 EUR 556.98–738.05 EUR
When a child has turned 2 but is under 3 years of age 338.34  EUR 0–181.07  EUR EUR 338.34–519.41  EUR

* 102. 30 euros per child is paid for other siblings under the age of 3, and 65.73 euros per child is paid for other siblings over the age of 3 but under school age.

** The amount of the care supplement depends on the family's gross income and it is paid only for one child.

*** The Helsinki supplement is paid only for the family’s youngest child.

Helsinki supplement for adopted children: Families who have adopted a child at least two years of age are entitled to the Helsinki supplement for adopted children.

Allowance for families with two or more children is for families into which more than one child have been born or adopted at the same time.


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