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Pre-primary education in different languages

In addition to Finnish and Swedish, the City of Helsinki offers many options for pre-primary education in other languages. Learn more about the options in different languages under the language-specific pages. 

The City of Helsinki arranges pre-primary education in different languages as Swedish language immersion and as a variety of bilingual options. The bilingual options differ in terms of the language options and the amount of the languages in each option. The aim of bilingual pre-primary education is to develop the child’s language skills both in Finnish and in the new language. In pre-primary education, language learning takes place naturally as part of all activities, through play, songs and games.

In addition to the municipal options, private daycare centres in Helsinki offer an array of pre-primary education options in different languages. Private daycare centres offer pre-primary childhood education in English, Estonian, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish, for example. 

Learn more about the options in different languages under the language-specific pages:

Pre-primary education in Swedish

Pre-primary education in North Sami

Pre-primary education in English

Pre-primary education in other languages

What is pre-primary education?

Pre-primary education is part of the compulsory education in Finland. This one-year education usually takes place in the year the child turns six, right after early childhood education (daycare), and before the child goes to school. Pre-primary education is usually organised by the daycare centres. In pre-primary education, children learn skills that they need in basic education, and the aim is to offer each child a smooth transition to school.

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