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School social worker services of pre-primary education

School social worker services of pre-primary education are part of the student welfare services of pre-primary education. It is the task of the school social worker services to help and support children in pre-primary education and their families through social work

The school social worker works in collaboration with pre-primary education as well as workers of the social and health care services. Guardians/parents can also directly contact the school social worker of pre-primary education themselves, if the well-being and behaviour of their own child in the pre-primary education age or educational matters raise concerns. Guardians/parents can also discuss issues that seem challenging within the family or as a guardian/parent in general terms with the school social worker.  Often, helping comprises sorting out the situation through discussions and considering from where the right kind of help for the child’s situation can be found and how.

The school social worker services of pre-primary education are provided by the school social worker in charge of pre-primary education and social instructions of family work. School social workers are in charge of school social worker services for Swedish-speaking children.

Contact information
School Social Worker in Charge
tel. 09 3106 5993, 040 631 3531

Contact information for the social instructors of family work

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