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Two-year pre-primary education

The daycare centres that participate in the trial for two-year pre-primary education have been announced.

The municipal daycare centres in Helsinki to participate the trial are:

Daycare Tahvonlahti, Daycare Leskenlehti, Daycare Immola, Daycare Valkea, Daycare Tilhi, Daycare Kivilinna, Daycare Korento, Daycare Vallesmanni, Daycare Norppa, Daycare Kotitorppa, Daycare Karavaani, Daycare Satama, Daycare Kurkimoisio, Daycare Merituuli, Daycare Ilomäki, Daycare Kamomilla, Daycare Käpylinna, Daycare Porolahti, Daycare Kulosaari, Daycare Floora, Daycare Merirasti, Daycare Meri, Daycare Kivelä, Daycare Nestori, Daycare Pihlaja, Daycare Siilitie, Daycare Havukka, Daycare Pentinkulma, Daycare Herttoniemi, Daycare Tuorinniemi, Daycare Vaskiniitty, Daycare Kurki, Daycare Viskuri, Daycare Neulanen, Daycare Liinakko, Daycare Impivaara, Daycare Satakieli, Daycare Perttu, Daycare Katiska, Daycare Toivo, Daycare Tammi, Daycare Ruskeasuo, Daycare Keula, Daycare Torpparinmäki, Daycare Rastis, Daycare Domus

Helsinki participates in a trial for two-year pre-primary education

The Ministry of Education and Culture has chosen Helsinki as one of the members to join the trial for two-year pre-primary education. The daycare centres that participate in the trial will be chosen in the spring 2021.

The daycare centres that will participate in the trial will be daycare centres that already offer pre-primary education services. This is why the trial will not concern all of the municipal daycare centres. The guardians whose children attend the daycare centres that participate in the trial will be informed once the daycare centres have been chosen.

The trial period will take place from August 2021 until 2024 in a small number of daycare centres that have been chosen to participate in the trial. The trial concerns children born in 2016 and 2017 so that those born in 2016 will start their two-year trial in August 2021.

All children in Finland attend one year of pre-primary education the year before their compulsory basic education begins. The trial for two-year pre-primary education aims at developing the quality of pre-primary education and increasing the overall equality of education. The aim of the two-year pre-primary education is to give the children a positive understanding of themselves as learners and to provide them with the support they need at an early stage. Two-year pre-primary education focuses on learning through play and fun exploration. In Helsinki, the two-year pre-primary education trial will have its own curriculum, which takes children’s needs in different age levels into consideration.

Since 2018, 5-year-olds in Helsinki have been able to attend free early childhood education for 4 hours a day. Free early childhood education for 5-year-olds continues and applies to every five-year-old child. The two-year pre-primary education trial will be carried out separately and will not apply to all five-year-olds.

The City of Helsinki has developed a child's learning path from early childhood education to pre-primary and primary school education. This work will continue and it is possible that the work will developed during the trial period.

20.04.2021 09:47