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Welcome to pre-primary education

The purpose of pre-primary education is to support the individual and social development of children residing in Helsinki in co-operation with their homes, and help them to retain the joy of learning and to develop a healthy self-esteem. Pre-primary education creates a solid foundation for life-long learning.

Teaching methods in pre-primary education acknowledge the child’s ways of learning through play, movement, creativity, experimentation, observation and questioning in interaction with other children and adults. 

The pre-primary environment encourages children to discover the joys of play, stories, art, adventure and learning and working together with other children.

Pre-primary education operations

In Helsinki, pre-primary education in Finnish is provided in daycare centres. Pre-primary education in Swedish is provided in schools and daycare centres. Pre-primary education consists of four-hour  pre-primary school days during the school year.

Daycare centres organise introductory events and meetings for parents on  pre-primary education. These events provide additional information on  pre-primary education and regional co-operation between daycare centres and schools.


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Preschool education plan

The preschool education is planned in collaboration with the school in each respective residential area.