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Welcome to preschool

The purpose of preschool education is to support the individual and social development of children residing in Helsinki in co-operation with their homes, and help them to retain the joy of learning and to develop a healthy self-esteem. Preschool education creates a solid foundation for life-long learning.

The methods employed in preschool education take into consideration each child's comprehensive way of learning and working through play, physical exercise, art, experimentation, exploration, questions and interaction with other children and adults.

The preschool environment enables children to discover the joys of play, fairytales, art, adventure and learning and working together with other children.

Preschool operations

In Helsinki, preschool education in Finnish is provided in daycare centres. Preschool education in Swedish is provided in schools and daycare centres. The preschool education consists of four hours a day during school hours.

Daycare centres organise preschool presentation events and parent meetings that provide additional information regarding preschool education as well as regional co-operation between daycare centres and schools.


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Preschool education plan

The preschool education is planned in collaboration with the school in each respective residential area.