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For club activity providers

The City of Helsinki Department of Early Education and Care supports customers of privately-run clubs with a service voucher.

The value of the service voucher is €100 per month per child. In addition to this, the service provider can collect a customer fee portion it deems appropriate.

What is required of club activity providers?

The service providers must meet the following terms set for service quality and content:

  • There may not be more than 13 children per instructor.
  • The staff must have the appropriate training or experience in corresponding activities
  • The club has an operating plan.
  • The Environment Centre has approved the premises for club activities.
  • The club premises have been approved by a fire authority.
  • The service provider has been entered in the prepayment register.
  • The service provider has taken out accident insurance for children in the club.
  • The club should have its own website.

Head of the early education area

06.12.2019 16:58

Becoming a service provider eligible for service vouchers

Applications for becoming a service provider can be submitted year-round. All providers that meet the requirements and criteria for club activities will be accepted as eligible for service vouchers.