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Support for starting private daycare operations

Private daycare providers may apply for financial support from the City of Helsinki for starting new operations or expanding current operations. Applications are delivered to the City of Helsinki’s registry office 4 January 2021 onwards.

The start-up support should be applied for within three months from receiving a municipal decision of approval for starting daycare of group family daycare operations.

The applications will be processed in the order in which they were submitted for processing, provided that the application and all necessary appendices are available and the start-up grant can be paid from the appropriations made in the current year’s budget.

Targets of the start-up support

The budget includes an annual appropriation for the start-up costs of private daycare units or group family daycare units with two care providers.

The start-up support can be applied for to cover expenses caused by obtaining or renovating premises, and the purchasing costs of movable property for starting the daycare operations. The care providers must acquire the premises themselves.

Support is not granted for operating costs.

Amount of the start-up support

The maximum amount of the start-up support is EUR 1,000 per full-time daycare placement set up for a child residing in Helsinki.

The requirement for granting the full amount of the support is that the operations are new and will commence within a year. The operations must continue for at least three years from the payment of the support.

Providers expanding current premises may receive EUR 500 per child. In these cases, too, the operations must commence within a year and continue for at least three years.

The service provider must give a full account on the use of the funds within 12 months from the payment of the support.

The maximum amount of start-up support is EUR 30,000 or EUR 15,000 per single operating unit of a service provider.

The same service provider can be granted one start-up support per year, and it can be granted up to three times.

Support decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. The support can be recovered in full or in part if the terms and conditions set for the operations are not met.


Special planner Johanna Auer, tel. 09 3105 6404

Applications for the start-up support must be submitted to:

City of Helsinki
Registrar's Office
PL 10
Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13
00099 City of Helsinki

11.02.2021 17:27