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School menus

he schools and day care centres in Helsinki and the Helsinki Vocational College apply a six week rotation to their basic and vegetarian menus.

Themes and seasonal festivities of Finnish food culture are visible in the menus, as well as in the decorations of the cafeterias. During such events, the canteens offer a more festive meal with a dessert.

The schools, the Helsinki Vocational College and the day care centres will share further information on the themes, as well as the menus and meals of seasonal celebrations.

Menus are developed each year. The feedback and wishes of students are taken into account when planning the menus and product selection for the school year.

Menu 2019 autumn

Palvelukeskus Helsinki menus

Palmia's menus

Palmia's School Menu mobile application (AndroidApple)

Haaga Comprehensive School

Hopaxskola, Haaga

Gymnasiet Lärkan

Konala Comprehensive School, Lower stage

Pitäjänmäki Comprehensive School

Helsinki Vocational College, Ilkantie

Fazer Food Service's menus

Strömberg Comprehensive School, Lower stage

Maatulli Comprehensive School, Lower stage

Puistola Comprehensive School

Puistolanraitti Comprehensive School, Lower stage, Puistolanraitti 18 and Nurkkatie 2

Malmi Comprehensive School, Silkokuja 7

Hiidenkivi Comprehensive School

Tapanila Comprehensive School, Lower stage

Sodexo's menus 1

Sakarinmäki Comprehensive School, Östersundom School

Sodexo's menus 2 

Helsinki Vocational college, Abraham Wetterintie

Sodexo's menus 3 

Helsinki Vocational college, Vilppulantie, Kullervonkatu and Hattulantie

Sodexo's menus 4

Helsinki Vocational college, Teollisuuskatu

Koulusafka-mobile application 

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