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Playgrounds, Family houses and other play areas

What are playground and family house activities?

Helsinki organises a wide range of instructed indoor and outdoor activities for families with small babies and children at playgrounds and venues called family houses. Most playgrounds' and family houses' insturcted activities are in Finnish, but everyone is welcome to join. See what kind of activities the playgrounds and family houses offer

The city of Helsinki runs about 66 Finnish-speaking playgrounds, 2 Swedish-speaking playgrounds and 5 family houses. Find each venues' contact details on Playgrounds and family houses listed

Playgrounds and family houses organise activities such as:

  • Open early childhood education for families with babies and small children
  • Schoolchildren's playground activities after school days
  • Activities for schoolchildren and their families during school holidays

All indoor and outdoor premises, playground equipment and outdoor toys are available for all playground visitors. 

Playgrounds also accept paper applications to early childhood education (except playgrounds Seppä ,Loru and Santahamina).

Playgrounds  who are they for?

You are always welcome to play at a playground! Playgrounds offer children and families a safe place to spend time and play. We organise instructed outdoor and indoor activities for small children, families and teens between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. 

Most playgrounds have a paddling pool, playing field and a wide range of fun outdoor equipment and toys to play with. Some playgrounds have a playing field that turns into a skating rink in winter. The equipment and facilities can vary.

During the school year, schoolchildren can have a paid snack, if they have registered for it in advance. In the summer, open playgrounds serve hot meals to all children under the age of 16 free of charge.

In the evenings and at weekends, playgrounds are open to everybody. We warmly welcome all residents in the neighbourhood to plan the playground activities with us. 

The Education Division is in charge of the playground activities and temporary leasing of the facilities. The Urban Environment Division is in charge of the playgrounds' park maintenance and safety of the equipment.

Family houses — what are they?

Family houses are open venues run by the city of Helsinki, where families with small children can meet, socialise and exchange information. Family houses also run courses and groups for parents, children and those who work with local families with small children. There are five family houses in Helsinki. See family houses on the Service Map.

Helsinki playground activities introduced in different languages

Watch a short presentation about playground activities in English, Somali, Arabic or Dari below:

Download the playground app (in Finnish)

Leikkipuistot-sovelluksen kuvake.

With the Leikkipuistot mobile app, you can browse the events and find fun activities across Helsinki's playgrounds and family houses. Available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Application is available in Finnish only.

Google Playn merkki, josta pääse lataamaan Leikkipuistot Helsinki -applikaation. Appstoren merkki, josta pääse lataamaan Leikkipuistot Helsinki -applikaation.

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After-school activities for children

The City of Helsinki organises after-school activities after the school day for first and second graders and for pupils with special needs.

Morning activities for families

Playgrounds and family house instructors organise activities for small children and their parents from morning to noon.