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Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training provides trainees with flexible channels to jobs. A trainee signs a temporary employment contract with the employer, and the employer pays the trainee the salary defined in the collective labour agreement. The employer is subsidized for the training provided.

Both young people and adults can acquire job skills through apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training allows trainees to earn all degrees as competence-based qualifications.

About 80 percent of apprenticeship training is conducted at the workplace. The training is supported by learning days at a vocational institution. Trainees are named personal workplace tutors, who guide the trainees and act as their support persons at the workplace throughout the apprenticeship training contract.

Trainees demonstrate their skills at the workplace in the course of training. Trainees demonstrate their skills through their work performance, and they are evaluated directly by their performance.

Apprenticeship training is organised by Stadin AO, The Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute. Apprenticeship training contracts are made by apprenticeship training inspectors together with trainees and employers. The inspectors arrange the theoretical instruction at vocational institutions, and they monitor the progress of the training.

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