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Exhibitions and museums

The City of Helsinki holds exhibitions at cultural centres, Helsinki Art Museum and Helsinki City Museum. All museums in Helsinki can be seen on the Service Map. 

All museums in Helsinki on the Service Map

Helsinki City Museum

The Helsinki City Museum is the world’s only museum focusing on Helsinki. Personal experiences and everyday life of people in Helsinki are highlighted and reflected in the museum’s items and photographs. A Kiss-kiss candy wrapper, a squeaky steel spring bed and a photo of a suburbian yard are a few of the precious treasures in the museum. The Helsinki City Museum is located on the oldest blocks of the city near the Senate Square, and entrance is always free of charge. 

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Four other museums—the Hakasalmi Villa, the Burgher’s House, the Worker Housing Museum and the Tram Museum—are also a part of the Helsinki City Museum.

Helsinki Art Museum, HAM

The Helsinki Art Museum, HAM, looks after an art collection that belongs to the people of Helsinki, which includes over 9,000 works of art. Almost half of these works are on display in parks, streets, offices, health centres, schools and libraries, to brighten up everyone’s day. HAM draws attention to modern art and contemporary art in its exhibitions which are held principally at the Tennis Palace. The refurbished HAM will open on 25 September 2015.

Helsinki Art Museum

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