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Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra HPO - The Orchestra of Sibelius

Founded in 1882, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra has given the first performances of almost all the symphonic works by Jean Sibelius.

Helsinki Music Centre

The Helsinki Music Centre, located in the heart of Helsinki, is a concert venue and meeting place open to all. The residents of the Helsinki Music Centre are the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and the Sibelius Academy.

The Finnish National Opera

The season of the Finnish National Opera extends from August to June. The main stage features about 15 operas and 9 ballets during a season. The National Opera also organises concerts, free matinees, shows for children and young people and free public events featuring opera and ballet performers and staff.

Founded in 1911, the Finnish National Opera is Finland’s only professional opera house. Adjoining it on Töölönlahti Bay is the Finnish National Ballet, likewise Finland’s only professional ballet ensemble. The Opera is dedicated to performing both classics that have withstood the passing of time and new works, Finnish and foreign. The repertoire consists of some 25 operas and ballets, and around 300 performances are given each year.

The Finnish National Ballet

The Finnish National Ballet was founded alongside the Finnish National Opera in 1922. The only professional ballet ensemble in Finland, it has a repertoire made up of works both Finnish and foreign, modern and classical. About 300 opera and ballet performances, from a repertoire of some 25 works, are given each year at the opera house on Töölönlahti Bay. The season runs from August to June.


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