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Fishing spots

Fishing areas: Foto: City of Helsinki

Pike perch fishing areas

The best pike perch fishing locations are in the following bay areas: Laajalahti, Seurasaarenselkä, Vanhankaupunginselkä, Kruunuvuorenselkä and Vartiokylänlahti. Pike perch is caught primarily by trolling, casting lures or using nets.

Whitefish, trout and salmon

You can fish for species such as whitefish, trout and salmon in the Vantaa River mouth area with rod equipment when the fish migrate to spawn in the river. However, please observe the autumn protection period from 1 September to 30 November. When the autumn protection period starts, fishing for whitefish with scoop nets attracts a regular group of enthusiasts on the backwater walls. Among inland water bodies, the Kaitalampi pond in the Luukki recreation area is a popular location for catching rainbow trout.

Perch and Baltic herring

As ice fishing seasons become shorter, jigging and fishing from piers and boats have become increasingly popular methods for catching perch. There are plenty of areas suitable for fishing for perch on the coast of Helsinki. Herring fishing with a rig is a popular activity on the Lauttasaari bridge.

Note! The Lauttasaari bridge will be under renovation late into the autumn of 2020, and during that time, fishing from the bridge is prohibited. Similarly, the Tammakari pier located at the Cable Factory is the home port of the Finnish Environment Institute’s Research Vessel Aranda, and not even herring fishing in the fenced-off area is allowed. Herring can also be fished for in many other areas, such as Jätkäsaari and Seurasaari, or from a boat.

Northern pike

The best locations for catching northern pike are the Vantaa River mouth area after the ice has melted and, later in the summer, near the shore reeds of Vanhankaupunginlahti, for example.

Other fish

You can also catch common carp, asp, whitefish, crucian carp and many other species in the carp family by angling in Helsinki’s water areas all year round.

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