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Licences and prices

Fishing. Foto: Konsta Linkola

Angling, herring fishing with a rig and ice fishing are part of everyman's rights and do not require a permit

The age-determined fishing rights cover lure fishing with one rod for people aged under 18 and over 65, excluding rapids and currents and special permit areas that require the water area owner’s permission. Others (people aged 18–64) must pay the fishing management fee ( when fishing with lures (the permit is usually enough when fishing with one rod, see above). Using several rods requires the water area owner’s permission.

  • The City of Helsinki’s fishing permits are only sold online at
  • In addition to the permit price, charges a delivery fee for the permits.

For Helsinki residents (Kalanet’s delivery fees will be added to the prices):

- net 4 pcs/person €13/pc
- fish trap (katiska) 2 pcs/person €13/pc
- longline 100 hooks 1 pc/person €13/pc
- bait hooks 10 pcs/person €13/10 pcs
- Helsinki lure fishing permit €13/person/calendar year
- Helsinki-Espoo lure fishing permit €17/person/calendar year
- diving fishing €13/person/calendar year
- gigging €13/person/calendar year
- Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids permit €10/period
- Vanhankaupunginkoski backwater permit €5/day, €20/year
- vessel-specific permit for Helsinki’s water areas €110/calendar year
- competition permits €0.20/person for Helsinki-based clubs

For non-residents (Kalanet’s delivery fees will be added to the prices):

- tourist fishing permit for lure fishing €10/day, €15/week, €40/calendar year (gives a right to fish in all of the City’s water areas, excluding Vanhankaupunginkoski)
- Helsinki-Espoo lure fishing permit for tourists €60/person/calendar year
- Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids permit €10/period
- vessel-specific lure fishing permit for Helsinki’s water areas €110/calendar year
- competition permits €0.60/person for non-Helsinki-based clubs

Commercial fishing permits

Professional fishing permits can be purchased online at after the person planning to become a commercial fisher has had a personal discussion with the City’s fishery activity expert Jukka Linder. You can contact Jukka by telephone on 09 310 87964 or by e-mail at

The permit granting process takes into consideration the use and management plan for the Helsinki-Espoo fishery area, as well as the fisher’s personal goals and plans. Permits are only granted to fishers registered in the commercial fisher register of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Sea bird hunting permits

You can purchase a bird hunting permit on the same website as fishing permits:
The City of Helsinki’s bird hunting islets are marked on the City’s fishing waters map. The map can be found online at:
The hunting season is from 15 September to 31 December.

Fishing permit QR codes in Finnish

Shareholder base permits

• Luukki shareholder base:
• Saarijärvi shareholder base: permits sold by Nino Busi and Jari Vanamo, tel. 0500 683 486
• Elisaari shareholder base (Inkoo): Elisaari recreational area kiosk, tel. 040 701 6301
• Länsi-Onas shareholder base (Porvoo): permits sold by Toby Sirén, tel. 0400 614887,
• Kaunissaari shareholder base (Sipoo): City of Helsinki trolling permit in effect

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