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Backwater fishing regulations

The backwater fishing permit is a lure fishing permit for the backwater area in Vanhankaupunginkoski for the residents of Helsinki.

You can acquire the permit at

  • Price EUR 5 aday or EUR 20 per calendar year + delivery fee (children under the age of 18 do not need permits).
  • The tourist fishing permit for non-residents: EUR 10 a day, EUR 15 a week or EUR 40 per calendar year + delivery fee.
  • In addition to a local permit, people 18–64 years of age need to pay the fishing management fee.
  • Permits may be purchased at or R-Kioski kiosks (people under the age of 18 do not need to pay the fee).
  • Angling with a rod with no reel and a fishing rod assembly (line, bob, sinker and a single hook at the bottom) is free of charge for both adults and children!
  • The permit entitles you to fish using one rod and lure.
  • The lure may be a spinner, spoon, wobbler or fly when using fly-fishing equipment, a single hook is allowed in jig fishing and a bait is allowed when reel fishing.
    o The maximum permitted hook size is 10 mm as measured from the shank to the tip of the hook.
    o Additional hooks and leaders are forbidden when lure-fishing.
    o Fishing without a lure is forbidden.
    o Sinkers, nuts and hooks as well as anti-weed protection triple hooks used on their own are not lures but equipment for 'rokastus', i.e. catching fish by gripping them with a hook externally.
    o Catching fish by gripping them with a hook externally is prohibited.
    o The fish must be caught by its mouth (not its head, gills, side or tail fin but mouth only). Fish hooked outside the mouth must be released immediately, regardless of the condition of the fish.
    o You can only reserve one fishing spot for one hour at a time with the exception of fishing competitions.
  • You must keep a safe distance of at least 3 metres from others.
  • Fishing from a bridge, boat or floating tyre is prohibited.
  • Use of baited nets is prohibited.
  • You must stun and kill your catch immediately!
  • Trout and salmon caught whilst scoop net fishing 1 September–31 December or angling must be released immediately.
  • The quota for whitefish caught with scoop nets is three a day, two a day for rainbow trout and three a day for pike perch. Pike perch over 70 cm in length must be released alive. We also recommend releasing Northern pike over 80 cm in length due to the decline in population.
  • Salmon, Northern pike, trout and asp quota is one fish a day. Fish that have lived in the river throughout the winter (salmon/trout descending to the sea from spawning) must be released.
  • Fishing is prohibited in the protected area below the dam. The boundary of the protected area is indicated by yellow signs on the banks.
  • Fishing in the backwater pool is prohibited between midnight and 6.00.
  • The boundaries of the pool are indicated by signs on the shoreline.
  • Lines and rubbish must be disposed of in bins.
  • Minimum fish measurements: salmon 60 cm, trout 60 cm and pike perch 42 cm.
  • Trout and salmon of sufficient length with their adipose fins removed may be caught (with the exception of fish that have lived in the river throughout the winter), those whose fins have not been removed must be released.

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