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Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids

Vanhankaupunkikoski rapids

Vanhankaupunginkoski Rapids is a gate to the Vantaanjoki River. Thanks to its unique landscape, cultural heritage and valuable environment, it is also a gate back to the nature for the citizens.

Permitted fishing methods in the Vanhankaupunginkoski Rapids are fly-fishing and lure fishing, on alternating days. A rapids fishing licence is sold for the upper and lower parts of the rapids.

Parking cars
is only permitted on the marked parking spaces. The parking spaces in front of the Restaurant Helsinge are intended for its customers and the car park of the Museum of Technology is also reserved for its customers, so it is recommended that cars are parked in the parking spaces outside the Kuninkaankartanonsaari Islands (for example, in Pornaistenniemi).

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