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Kaunissaari recreation island

Kaunissaari and the restaurang and sauna in he background. Photo: 110th Street Productions

Kaunissaari offers a marina in a small bay on the eastern shore of the island, and the operator Norsöline operates the line from Vuosaari. The island has cabins and boats up for rent and a nature path allows the visitors to admire the island’s nature. Additionally, the island has five cooking shelters for campers as well as the Kaunissaari restaurant. Kaunissaari is an island 2 kilometres long and 800 meters wide with diverse flora and fauna and excellent fishing waters. The island has both rocky and stony beaches as well as amazing sandy beaches. The Kaunissaari recreational park was established in 1959. The region’s surface area is 11 hectares and the water areas comprise 790 hectares.


Kaunissaari lies about 22 km last from Helsinki in Sipoo, almost out in the open sea.

Information and booking

- Reception tel. 09 310 71445
- Island superintendent Petri Pärni, tel. 09 310 71444

Public transport

From mid-May to mid-September there are boat services to Kaunissaari from Vuosaari. The trip takes about 60 minutes.


Kaunissaari is 2 km long and 800 m wide. It has rocky shores and sandy beaches. The area has plenty of fauna and flora and offers good fishing. The Kaunissaari Recreational Park was established in 1959. It covers 100 hectares plus about 790 hectares of water.     

Enquiries and cabin reservations

Kaunissaari rental cabins sold out for the 2019 summer season.

Enquiries and reservations starting 1 April 2019, weekdays 8.00 - 14.00 tel. 09 310 714459  
- 1 - 2 April 2019 week reservations only, 3 April 2019 weekend reservations only and 4. - 5.4. April 2019 day reservations


Roope’s Cabin 
can be booked from 2.6. - 1.9. 2019
- Price €100/day (12.00 - 10.00), €200/weekend (Fri 18.00 - Sun 16.00), €350/week (Sun 18.00 - Sun 16.00)

The Taxi Cabin 
can be booked from 2.6. - 1.9.2019
- Price €80/day (Sun 18.00 - Sun 16.00), €160/weekend (Fri 18.00 - Sun 16.00.), €320/week (Sun 18.00 - Sun 16.00).

The Harbour Cabin 
can be booked from 2.6. - 1.9.2019
- Price €120/day €360/week (Sun 18.00 - Sun 16.00), €1,300/month for groups.


Sauna enquiries and reservations tel. 09 310 71445

Note! Sipoo building supervision has prohibited the use of the rental sauna, the environment authority made a prohibitive statement concerning the planned sewage system. Moreover, the building supervision is closed and licence applications are not processed during July. A substitute public sauna time is in the family sauna on Tuesdays from 10.00 - 13.00 for men and from 13.00 - 16.00 for women, the order may be changed during summer. The sauna users make sure that the use is arranged stepwise to ensure that everyone can wash up.

Bookable sauna 
- for 30 persons
- €243 / 3 hours
- last turn ends at 22.00
- dressing room/fireplace room next to sauna

Family sauna
- for 6 persons
€50 / turn (1.5 hours)
- self-service
- last turn ends at 21.30

General sauna 

- adults €5
- children €3


- Landing stages in a sheltered spot on the eastern shore of the island, depth of harbours is 1.9 m. 80 boat places, charge €13 /day/ boat, season fee €150 (no right to regular boat place)
- Camping not allowed on Saunaniemi or within 100 m of buildings, charge €13 / day, €150 / month, €300 / season
- 5 Cooking shelters with running water and toilet, open fires are not allowed elsewhere
- Restaurant, information, tel. 0400 721 722
1 swimming spot
- Rowing-boats for rent, charges €3 / h
- Saunas
- Nature trail, about 4 km long, marked, not wheelchair accessible
- Fishing allowed, fishing permits are required except for angling and icefishing

The primary form of payment is a debit card.

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Kaunissaari cabins

There are three cabins up for rent in Kaunissaari.


NorsöLine takes you to one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago of Sipoo.


There are three sunas up for rent in Kaunissaari.

Water Transport in Helsinki

Several traffic contractors offer ferry rides as a possibility to visit the islands of Helsinki.