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Other islands

Liuskasaari, foto: City of Helsinki


Location in Sipoo islands. No public traffic to Eestiluoto.
- Boats land on the north side of Eestiluoto. Nature in the island group is very beautiful and varies from meadows to smooth rock. Visitors should keep in mind that part of the area is protected and part is in private use. Areas where restharrow and Solomon's seal grow are nature reserves. Professional fishermen catch salmon in the waters near Eestiluoto.
- Boat harbour in islands Northern and Eastern strands, about 60 boat rings, no fees
- Camping allowed on Kutuhället to the south of Eestiluoto, free of charge
- Open barbecue in Kutuhället, own firewood
- Toilet, waste management


Location in Eastern Helsinki, close to Pihlajaluoto. No public traffic. Nice camping island 
- Toilets
- No harbour fees
- No camping fees


Location in Porvoo islands, from Kaunissaari to the east. No public traffic. Kaivokari belongs to Porvoo.
- Camping is allowed and free of charge
- Boat rings, no harbour charge
- Grill place, toilets

Koirakari, Tiirakari, Söderholminkupu, Mäntykari, Syväkari and Viinakupu  

With the exception of Mäntykari all the skerries are good bird hunting areas. Spinning is possible in the area around Koirakari, Tiirakari, Söderholminkupu and Syväkari. Mäntykari is a good place to fish. The waters around Viinakupu are well stocked.
- No outdoor recreation services
- Camping is allowed in Mäntykari


Location in an area used by the Defence Forces. No public traffic. There is a hunting lodge on the island. One can see interesting moraine on the northern sides of skerries all around the island.
- Camping is allowed
- Good spinning area
- Bird hunting allowed
- No outdoor recreation services


Location in Southern Helsinki, south from Kaivopuisto. From the beginning of May to mid-October there are boat services to the island from Merisatamanranta (end of Kapteeninkatu). There is a bridge between Liuskasaari and Uunisaari. Liuskasaari is part of a group of islands near Merisatama. The Helsingfors Segelsällskap (Helsinki Yacht Club) has been located on the island for over a hundred years. This includes a club building, restaurant and marina. The island is open to club members but also guests.
- Guest boat harbour
- Restaurant

Louekari and Loukekaripaadet

Louekari is part of the Kytö protected zone of the Finnish Defence Forces. There is no public traffic line to the island. Louekari is a rocky islet for wildfowling, which is also a great location for fishing with spinning lures. Sailing boats can be anchored on the north eastern side of the Louekari. The island has a memorial statue for three pilots and their plane, which is supposedly resting in the waters of Loukari. It was erected in 1941 by the Germans.


Location in Eastern Helsinki, in Vuosaarenselkä. The old building and sauna on the island have been rented to a boat club. There are villas on the west side of the island. Boaters can land on Western Neitsytsaari. Eastern Neitsytsaari is privately owned. Landing is not allowed.
- Boat rings
- Cooking shelter



Location in Eastern Helsinki islands, near Hattusaari. No public traffic. The main building and dock have been rented to a fishing club. Pihlajaluoto is a good place for a picnic and camping is allowed.
- Camping is allowed, open grill, woodshed
- Toilets

Pitkäkari, Laakapaasi, Ulkokari, Taulukari, Pitkäouri, Abrahaminluoto and Räntty

Skerries off the city's southern coast. Pitkäkari is located next to an area that is used by the Defence Forces. It is suitable for a day trip. Laakapaasi is treeless and has a cabin that is rented to a bird hunting club. Ulkokari is an outer island with lots of sea birds, so caution must be shown during the nesting season. The cove on the north side of Pitkäouri is suitable for boats with a shallow draught. Landing is permitted on Abrahaminluoto and the adjacent skerries, but not on Koirapaasi during the nesting season. All the skerries with the exception of Räntty are good places for spinning. Bird hunting is allowed on Abrahaminluoto and the adjacent skerries, Räntty, Pitkäkari and Laakapaasi.
- No outdoor recreation services
- Temporary camping is allowed in Pitkäouri and Taulukari


Location in Laajasalo, near by Kulosaari. Pyysaari is rented by Helsingin Työväen Pursiseura. 
- Guest boat places
- Restaurant, tel. 09 698 0287


Location in Rajasaarenpenger 12. The island is used for the winter storage of boats. The Sports Services also has a fishing office there.
- Boats winter keeping
- Dog park
- Winter swimming


Location in Southern Helsinki, south from Kaivopuisto. Sirpalesaari was used for industrial purposes in the early 20th century. A machine shop and boatyard were located here, among other things. When the Finnish Yacht Club needed more space for its activities, it rented Sirpalesaari and opened a new clubhouse in 1963. The island is used by the yacht club but is also open to visitors. From May to September there are boat services to Sirpalesaari from Merisatamanranta (next to the Pihlajasaari boat dock).
- Information from Suomalainen Pursiseura ry (SPS), tel. 09 658 352
- Guest harbour
- Summer Restaurant Saari


Location in the Sipoo archipelago, on the west side of Sipoonselkä. No public traffic. Cottage on the island has been rented to a boat club. Note: Part of the island is privately owned.
- Boat rings
- Toilet, waste management


Location in the South Harbour near the Olympia Terminal. From the beginning of May to the end of September there are boat services from the dock next to the Olympia Terminal. The island has been used as a boatyard, a military hospital and a quarantine station for cholera. Helsinki's first yacht club, Nyländska Jaktklubben, made the island its home in 1861. The club's present pavilion dates from 1900. Since 1987 the city has had berths for visitors there. Valkosaari is rented to Nyländska Jaktklubben.
- Guest harbour
- Restaurant

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