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Pihlajasaari, foto: City of Helsinki


In Southern Helsinki, near Kaivopuisto, about 3 km from the city centre

Enquiries and binding reservations

- from April 3,2017 tel.+358 9 310 71518
- When you make a reservation, be prepared to provide the following information: name, personal identity code, email address, telephone number
- Cancellations: if you do not use your reservation, it must be cancelled at least a week in advance by calling the reservation number,  if the reservation is not cancelled, there will be a fee of €50 + €22.50 in office expenses
- superintendent Raimo Lehtinen, tel. 09 310 71518

Public transport

You can get to Pihlajasaari either through the departures dock in Ruohosaari or from the Merisatama. Operator JT-Line.   

Note! Water bus operators do not allow bikes or dogs on board the boats. Those arriving with private boats may walk their dogs in the small, marked area on the eastern Pihlajasaari Island.


Pihlajasaari is a former villa island that is now a versatile outdoor recreation area. It still has a few old villas set amongst rocks, wooded areas, groves and beaches. Varying terrain, good location and services have made Pihlajasaari the most popular summer island in Helsinki. Sun worshipers are attracted by Pihlajasaari's sandy beaches. Several buildings on the island are protected.

Pihlajasaari is actually two islands (western and eastern parts), but these are connected by a light bridge. Pihlajasaari covers about 26 hectares.


- Organise your meeting, well-being at work, recreation and excursion days and events. 2 saunas. 1 meeting villa. 1 restaurant. Enquiries superintendent Raimo Lehtinen, tel. 09 310 71518
Boat harbour for day guest free of charge, over night fee is €15 / boat, 24 finger pontoons, 21 moorings
- Camping in Eastern-Pihlajasaari, charge €15 / day, only at weekend, Fri 12 to Mon 12
- 3 Cooking shelters, firewood supplied
- Sauna
- Beach, naturist beach on eastern part of Pihlajasaari
- Toilet/ toilet for disabled
- Kiosk and cafe
- Restaurant Pihlajasaari
- Jogging tracks  

The primary form of payment is a debit card.

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Nature trail

The Pihlajasaari nature trail provides information and stories about the history of the island.


Enquiries and sauna bookings

Restaurant Pihlajasaari

Restaurant Pihlajasaari is located on the island of Pihlajasaari in front of Helsinki, only 10 minutes by boat from Kaivopuisto.


You can get to Pihlajasaari either through the departures dock in Ruohosaari or from the Merisatama.