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Pihlajasaari, foto: City of Helsinki

Booking period for saunas 1.6. - 2.9.2018

Enquiries and sauna bookings

- Tel. 09 310 71518
- Bookings of the self-service sauna can be made starting 3 April 2017, bookings by phone from 8.00.
- Bookings of the Aalto electric sauna can be made daily starting 1.6.2018 from 8.00.
- When you make a reservation, be prepared to provide the following information: name, peronal identity code, email address, telephone number
- Cancellations: If you do not use your reservation, it must be cancelled at least a week in advance by calling the reservation number, if the reservation is not cancelled, there will be a fee of €50 + €22.50 in office expenses
- Host of the island/personnel , tel. 09 310 71518/71519

Aalto Sauna

- An electrically heated sauna for 6 people.
- The sauna bathing area has separate dressing, toilet, shower and sauna buildings. We recommend wearing a towel or a bathing suit when staying outdoors in the area.
- The sauna can be booked daily from 1 June  to 2 September 2018 by contacting the island personnel on the day in question.
- Price €60 / 2 hours
 Bookable shifts Tue - Fri 16.00 - 18.00 and 18.00 - 20.00 , Sat - Sun  14.00 - 16.00, 16.00 - 18.00 and 18.00 - 20.00.
- The sauna is closed on Mondays
- No swimming possibility

Wood-heated self-service sauna (small beach sauna)

- The sauna accommodates a maximum of 7 persons   
- Can be booked 15.00 - 21.00.
- Minimum booking time 3 hours/€153 (€51/hour)
- Payment is made in cash or cash card to the host/personnel before the booking, when the keys are handed over.
- The customer heats the sauna within the time booked.
- wood supplied in sauna, running water, no shower, hot water from pot, small dressing room, swimming possibility  
- The sauna has electricity
- There is a regular boat service to the island

The primary form of payment is a debit card.

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Pihlajasaari is a former villa island that is now a versatile outdoor recreation area. It still has a few old villas set amongst rocks, wooded areas, groves and beaches.

Restaurant Pihlajasaari

Restaurant Pihlajasaari is located on the island of Pihlajasaari in front of Helsinki, only 10 minutes by boat from Kaivopuisto.

Water Transport

Several traffic contractors offer ferry rides as a possibility to visit the islands of Helsinki.